Spencer Park Renewal

Spencer Park Renewal is a project led by the Department of Communities (Communities) in partnership with the City of Albany and the Great Southern Development Commission.

The project aims to improve Spencer Park’s liveability and connectivity while planning for a mix of modern housing for people who want to call Spencer Park home.

With our partners we are working to prepare a Local Development Plan (the Plan) to guide future improvements and development in the precinct surrounding the Spencer Park Shopping Centre which includes Spencer Park Primary School, Bellingham Street and part of Hillman Street.

Map of Spencer Park
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The Plan for Spencer Park will provide a framework for how the precinct area can be developed. It will show the types of buildings that can be built, streetscapes, design elements, open space and the linkages within the precinct and to surrounding areas.

Finalising the Plan is an essential first step to guide development and investment to grow Spencer Park over time. As this occurs, Communities and the City of Albany will continue to support community development initiatives and other improvements to assist Spencer Park’s ongoing revitalisation.

​Engaging with the Spencer Park community

Phase 1 (completed)

Community engagement activities were conducted during October to December 2018. Residents, businesses, service providers and stakeholders were asked to share their values, priorities and vision for the future growth and devel​​opment of Spencer Park. Findings from the engagement were then shared with our partners the City of Albany and Great Southern Development Commission.

Phase 2 (completed)

Feedback received was collated and incorporated into design concepts that will be presented to the City of Albany along with additional information for the Local Development Plan.

Phase 3 (In progress)

Outcomes from Phase 2 will be incorporated into the Local Development Plan that will be submitted to the City of Albany at a later date. Community feedback is sought and will be advertised for public comment and feedback via the City of Albany website and emailed to stakeholders.

We look forward to announcing the outcome of the Planning submission for Spencer Park at a later date.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Spencer Park Local Development Plan.

Further Information

For general enquiries please email​.

To support our Plans please refer to the Public Notices on the City of Albany's website.


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