Tendering Process

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Advertising Period

The Request document found on Tenders WA will include appropriate specifications, selection requirements, evaluation methodologies, reference to applicable Policies and special conditions (if any) relevant to the procurement. The Request document will also contain contact information for tender specific enquiries, advice on delivering offers and advice on using Tenders WA. It is important to note that enquiries are to be directed to the relevant nominated contact.

Any corrections, clarifications or amendments that are made to the tender Request during this period will be uploaded on Tenders WA as an addendum to the original request document. Notifications of addenda are sent automatically via email from Tenders WA to any potential tenderer who has downloaded the original Request documents. To receive the automatic notification you must be a registered Tenders WA user and have logged in with your account details when downloading the Request documents. An Addendum Acknowledgement Form (included in the upload) is to be completed and returned to the email nominated on the Form.

Housing publishes tenders for the whole parcel of the work. If you are a subcontractor, please download from Tenders WA the list of document recipients for the tender you are interested in and make direct contact with the relevant contractors to provide quotes for your parcel of the work.

Tender Closing

The Tender Request will clearly specify the closing date and time. Please ensure that you allow sufficient time to lodge your tender submission before the closing time as late tender submissions are generally not accepted. The request will provide details of how and where to lodge your tender submission. Each submission should fully satisfy all the conditions and requirements set out in the respective Request documents.


Once a Tender has closed, tender submissions are evaluated against the requirements of the Request. A complete offer will address the Pre-Qualification Requirements, Compliance and Disclosure Requirements, Qualitative Requirements, Price and Value for Money. Details on the evaluation process and how value for money is determined can be found in the Guide to Tendering with Western Australian Public Authorities and on the State Supply Commission procurement page.


Upon award, all Tenderers will be notified in writing of the decision and the contracts will be finalised. Awarded contract details are published on Tenders WA.


All unsuccessful respondents have the opportunity to request debrief/feedback to discuss their submission. All questions, feedback and complaints can be directed to the nominated contact person as stipulated in the letter of advice.