Housing Options

In addition to the provision of public housing in metropolitan and country areas of Western Australia, the Housing Authority also provides assistance to people with various other housing needs. These needs include rental assistance, becoming a home owner and issues related to homelessness.

Rental assistance covers a diverse range of initiatives like bond assistance loans, facilitating more affordable rental through the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and the management of housing in remote Aboriginal communities. 

Western Australians who want to become home owners can also benefit from a number of initiatives offered by the Housing Authority such as the Opening Doors program. Other WA initiatives include the First Home Owner Grant, Keystart home loans, and the rental sales scheme that assists public housing tenants who are interested in purchasing their rental property.

The Housing Authority also offers affordable housing for sale to the public through both its own developments and joint-venture developments.

Entrypoint Perth is a free assessment and referral service available to families and individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Western Australia. ​​


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