What we do

The Housing Authority is an affordable housing provider, operating in land development, housing construction and property management. The agency delivers quality housing that people can afford, and provides people with opportunities to buy a home.

Housing works in partnership within the private, government and not-for-profit sectors to supply affordable homes. In many cases, the agency provides housing for people who would otherwise struggle to rent or buy.

The Housing Authority also assists with housing finance through its Keystart Home Loans business, and provides rental assistance options for people in need.

Fast facts

  • Housing has nearly 1,660 staff working from 39 locations across the State. 
  • The Housing Authority manages over 36,000 public housing dwellings that provide a home for more than 69,000 Western Australians on low incomes, making Housing the biggest landlord in Western Australia.
  • Housing also manages around 5,500 properties for Government Regional Officers' Housing (GROH). 
  • The Housing Authority also provides housing to 115 Aboriginal communities involving 2,664 properties.
  • The Housing Authority is one of the biggest land developers in Western Australia.

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