Department and Police working together to stamp out crime in Bentley

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​The partnership between the Department of Housing, the City of Canning and WA Police aims to stamp out crime in Bentley.

The Department of Housing and City of Canning are working with WA Police to ensure that crime is minimised in the area surrounding the Bentley Regeneration project, both now and into the future.

Crime and safety were identified as residents’ major concerns at a community forum held to discuss the Bentley Regeneration project in mid-June. This was identified as a priority area that the project team needed to assess to ensure that the new development is a safe place for both new and existing residents.

Manager, Strategic Projects, John Savell, said it is important that discussions and planning happen at this point, before any buildings are built on site.

“It is important that we identify the ‘designing out crime’ principles that can be applied to the project and ensure that these principles are reflected in planning policies and assessment practices,” he said.

“Before the principles can be applied, a specific crime risk assessment needs to be undertaken by a specialist in this field, in co-operation with Police trained in community engagement and crime prevention. 

“We have already approached the WA Police and they are very supportive of this approach – even agreeing to fund fifty per cent of the cost of the crime risk assessment.”

Mr Savell said that since mid-June, the Department and the City of Canning's Executive City Futures and Security divisions have held two working sessions with Police to discuss crime prevention.

“We have future meetings planned to further progress the plan for the crime risk assessment and start to put measures in place to reduce crime in Bentley,” he said.

“On advice from the Executive Manager for Crime Prevention for WA Police, we have engaged Chris Cubbage, Director of Amlec House Pty Ltd, to conduct community safety reviews and crime risk assessments.”

Mr Savell said that the Department, the City of Canning and the WA Police hoped to work closely with the local community to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify crime risks present in and around the Bentley Regeneration project area
  • Identify likely consequences of these crimes for the community, especially vulnerable groups in and around the project area
  • Assess and take advice on priorities for crime reduction and other considerations in and around the project area
  • Establish the likely causes of crime in the project area
  • Work out how these causal factors can be tackled through the planning process within the current regeneration area
  • Determine what can be done immediately to reduce the risk to current residents of the area

“Chris Cubbage will present his finding from the crime risk assessment at the next community consultation session later in the year,” said Mr Savell.

“We hope that continued involvement of the local community will assist in ensuring that issues can be identified early so that they can be addressed.”

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