Ellenbrook on top of the world

​Alan Neville, General Manager of Finance and Administration at LWP Property Group (second from right) was in Kuala Lumpur to accept the award for Ellenbrook.

​Twenty-one years after the first sod was turned in the Swan Valley, Ellenbrook was named the world’s best master-planned community at an international awards ceremony in Kuala Lumpur this week.
Already Australia’s most awarded urban development project, Ellenbrook has taken out the FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) World Prix d’Excellence Award for 2015.
Acting Director General Paul Whyte said the award was further validation of the Department’s approach to working in partnership with the private sector to successfully integrate social and affordable housing into vibrant, active and diverse communities.
“Ellenbrook is a pioneering development in which the Department has partnered with LWP Property Group to deliver a word-class master-planned community,” Mr Whyte said.
“The ability of this Department and its partners to work together over the 20 years of this project demonstrates how private sector investment principles can be aligned with quality urban design and Government social policy objectives.”
Ellenbrook is designed to provide housing and associated education, recreation, retail and community facilities for up to 35,000 residents.
Housing Minister Colin Holt said the award was welcome  and well deserved.
“Ellenbrook has consistently been one of the country’s fastest selling residential estates during its 20-year life to date,” Mr Holt said.
“It is an industry leader in urban planning, creation of affordable housing, environmental sustainability, and neighbourhood and community development.”
Ellenbrook includes the suburb of The Vines, Ellenbrook, most of Aveley and a portion of Henley Brook. Current City of Swan estimates forecast the population of Ellenbrook to increase to 37,150 by 2016 and 44,185 by 2021.
Development commenced in 1994, based on a design defined by the creation of eight distinct villages or neighbourhoods with a vibrant town centre at its heart. Click on this link for a video on Ellenbrook's history, current view and future.
The International Real Estate Federation is a federation of 100 national real estate associations and real estate professionals in 60 countries.
FIABCI is the French acronym for “Federation Internationale des Administrateurs de Bien-Conselis Immobiliers”.   It originated as a French organisation in 1945, progressing to international status in 1948.  At its 1956 congress, the decision was made to rename the organisation the International Real Estate Federation but the acronym FIABCI, which was widely recognised, was retained.
Ellenbrook Accolades
UDIA WA Award for Excellence – Residential Development of greater than 1,000 lots
RAPI Award for Excellence – Community Planning 
RAPI Award for Excellence – Planning and Development 
UDIA National Award for Excellence 
UDIA WA – Award for Excellence 
RAPI Certificate of Merit – Planning and Development  
RAPI Certificate of Merit – Urban Planning Achievement 
WA Civic Design Award – Landscape Environment Commendation 
Finalist – Community Service Industry Awards:
Premiers Award for Community Partnership that supports families
UDIA WA Award for Excellence – Residential Development 250 lots or more
UDIA National Award for Excellence – Best Residential Subdivision
WA Energy Efficiency Awards – Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Award
UDIA WA Award for Excellence – Masterplan Development 
UDIA National Award for Excellence – Masterplan Development  RAPI Award for Excellence – Urban Design: Built 
UDIA WA Award for Excellence – Best Residential Subdivision
RAPI National Award for Planning Excellence: Built  
UDIA National Award for Excellence – Best Residential Subdivision
UDIA Inaugural Award for Urban Sustainability  
UDIA WA Award for Excellence – Masterplanned Development 
State Art Sponsorship Scheme – Most Innovative Partnership Award (LWP)
Water Awards 2006 - Inaugural Residential Partner Award – Land Development 
Malvern Springs - inaugural development accredited WaterWise
HIA Greensmart Estate - Malvern Springs
PIA (WA) Special Commendation – Urban Planning Achievement
PIA (WA) Special Commendation – Urban Design: Plans & Ideas
PIA (WA) Presidents Award
PIA (National) Certificate of Merit – Urban Design: Plans & Ideas
UDIA WA Inaugural Award for Excellence – Affordable Development
HIA Greensmart Estate/Development of the Year
HIA Greensmart Water Efficiency Award
UDIA Enviro Development Certification in Eco Systems and Community
UDIA (WA) Award for Excellence for Affordable Development

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