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Former tenant now owns home

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​Former public housing tenant Susan never imagined that she would become a home owner so quickly and seamlessly, but thanks to the Department of Housing’s Opening Doors Affordable Sales Program, she has.

Susan’s story began in June, 2012, when she found out she had become income ineligible for public housing.

“After six years working as a Library Assistant I was made full-time, and as a result the Department advised that I was ineligible and would have to vacate my home,” Susan said. I accepted that my daughter and I had to move so that my property could be used for someone more in need.

“Thankfully the Department referred me to the Housing Pathways Unit (HPU) to help me transition from public housing.

Susan is now the proud owner of a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that she bought with a SharedStart Home Loan offered through the Opening Doors Program.

“I had heard about the Opening Doors program through the HPU and a friend had also told me about it,” Susan said.

“I was not eligible for a First Home Owners Grant and also could not afford a high deposit necessary to buy a house on the open market, so the program seemed right for me. "The HPU officers provided me with some initial information and sent a referral to Keystart on my behalf.

“I was delighted that by late July 2012 I had already been pre-approved by Keystart for the loan. I then selected the property I wanted, and by early September my application to purchase my home was formally approved,” she said.

Susan shared that the process of moving from public housing to home ownership in about six months was seamless due to the support and help she received from the Department’s HPU and Keystart.

“The help provided really empowered me to take the steps needed to get everything done. I felt supported the whole way through,” she said.

Susan and her daughter moved into their new home in January 2013.

“What I pay for my mortgage now is less than the average weekly rent in my area, and we live in such a convenient location,” Susan said.

“My daughter and I are so happy to have this new home, and becoming a home owner has really given me a sense of freedom and control, as well as stability for us as a family. I am now putting money towards something I own that will be for our long term benefit.”

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