Going the extra distance for Mandurah senior

Tenant John Stewart


Tenant John Stewart recently benefitted from the persistence of Department of Housing staff who helped him out of a desperate situation when he was faced with losing his home.

The Department was alerted to the pending closure of Aqua Caravan Park in Furnissdale, where Mr Stewart lived, last December. As a long-stay resident, he received a 180-day notice to vacate.

The Department helped in the transition process by coordinating with the park owners and the Peel Development Commission to interview long-stay residents to determine their intentions towards securing alternate accommodation.  Many residents had no idea of the different housing options available to them and they were quite distressed at losing the place they had come to know as home.

The Department discovered that Mr Stewart was not happy at being moved out of his home, especially as he has no family. He also knew of the long wait for public housing after caring for his partner who was a previous Department tenant.

The Department’s Mandurah Area Manager spoke with Mr Stewart to explain the different options available to him outside of public housing. She explained the option of community housing and what could be expected in senior complexes.

The Area Manager took Mr Stewart to view the new accommodation she was able to secure for him as it was too hard for him to commit to something sight unseen. Even though complex was not finished yet, Mr Stewart was pleasantly surprised with what he saw.

The Department also assisted Mr Stewart to apply to Anglicare on his behalf for seniors’ assistance funding to pay for his removal costs.

Mr Stewart is now happily settled in his new one-bedroom unit in the recently opened complex run by Bethanie Housing Ltd in Coodanup. He is very grateful at the Department’s efforts in securing him a new home and has thanked the Area Manager for all the help she was able to provide over the course of the transition and removal process.

“I can sum up living in this place with one word – magic!” Mr Stewart said.

“It’s cheaper than living in the caravan park yet the quality of my home is higher than some of the motels around the place. The people here are friendly and the common facilities mean that there is a strong sense of community. 

“I know I took some convincing but I can’t tell you how happy I am to be living here.”

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