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Housing Pathways Unit team
​The Housing Pathways Unit team

​The Department’s Housing Pathways Unit (HPU) is continuing to have success, with 161 tenants moving into affordable housing options since February 2012. All of the tenants had become over income and were no longer eligible for public housing. The affordable housing options they have taken up include community housing, rental options such as Rental Pathways Scheme and National Rental Affordability Scheme or homeownership.

Ann-Marie Paulsen, A/Manager, Housing Transitions Team, said that she was very pleased with the success that the HPU is having.

“It’s really pleasing to see the success that the team has had in the two years since our inception,” she said.
“It has been challenging to change the mindset of our tenants, by trying to help them to realise that the situation they are in is an opportunity for their future.
“Many tenants fear where they will go next as public housing has been a safety net for them for so long. Once we speak with them and talk to them about the large number of options they have we are able to help them overcome a lot of that fear and get them excited about their future.
”The Housing Pathways unit is also now part of the Housing Transitions Team and this also includes, the Compliance Unit and the Bonds team, bringing all of the transition areas together.”
Ms Paulsen said that of the properties that have become vacant because of the HPU’s intervention, 193 have been re-let, assisting 545 people.
“The Rental Pathways Scheme (RPS), a private rental scheme run by the Department, recently joined the Housing Pathways Unit, and the RPS Leasing Officer now sits in the team.
“Going forward there will be a strong focus on integrating RPS into the HPU to enable better communication for tenants.”

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