New hostel for South Hedland homeless youth

South Hedland hostel
​The new hostel will provide much needed accomodation for at-risk and homeless young males in South Hedland

The Department has recently delivered a new hostel in South Hedland providing much-needed crisis accommodation and support services for at-risk/homeless young males aged 15-25 years.

The Youth Involvement Council (YIC) approached Housing Programs to develop this new facility as a replacement for an existing one that was too small and lacking in amenities.

Funded through the Department’s Crisis Accommodation Program, the impressive new single storey facility can house up to eight youth in one-bedroom units and also provides two separate transitional units in a single bedsit configuration.

“Rather than upgrade the YIC’s existing facility which required extensive maintenance, Housing Programs worked with Land and Housing Construction (LHC) to identify suitable lots for building a brand new facility,” Simon Bell, Director of Housing Programs said.

“LHC worked closely with Housing Programs, Program Coordinator David Peet on the design, planning, documentation, and construction of the new facility, and the whole process worked out successfully as a result of close collaboration not only within our teams but with YIC and the Department of Child Protection as well.

“We are really pleased that this partnership has led to a successful project that will have a long lasting positive impact for the South Hedland community, especially for those most in need and at-risk.”

LHC worked with architects, Sandover Pinder to deliver an impressive, modern facility with a youthful appeal that would also meet the functional needs of the YIC.

“The layout was based on YIC’s requirement that were clear sightlines from the office and staff areas across to the bedrooms and dining and lounge area,” Sean Tan, LHC Project Manager said.

“Designing the facility this way allows for passive supervision and makes it easier for YIC staff to manage tenants, especially when less staff are on duty.”

Distinguishing features of the facility include a simple articulated roof that incorporates a louvered clerestory window to provide ample natural light deep into the heart of the facility, and wide panned colorbond cladding running vertically on the exterior walls that provides a familiar yet unusual street character for the building.

“The deadlines for this project were tight, but we were able to meet all their requirements to reach successful completion of the project. The YIC is delighted with the new facility and the outcome we have been able to achieve,” Sean said.

The facility was handed over to YIC in April and tenants are currently being relocated from other premises.

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