Pathway to recovery

Tim Rogan said the Department made it very easy to transition out of public housing to the private rental

​Former public housing tenant, Tim Rogan began his long road to recovery almost four years ago. Today, he has given up drugs, works full-time as a mason, and is very pleased to no longer call the Department landlord.

“My journey started about eight years ago when I broke up with my former partner. I was lost and as a result was irresponsible and inconsistent with my behaviour and actions,” Mr Rogan said.

"After about four years I decided that it was time to make a change for the sake of my children as my behaviour was keeping me away from them, so I checked into rehab about three and a half years ago and never looked back.”

Mr Rogan explained that he is very grateful for the huge amount of support he received from community organisations and also the Department that helped him stay on the path to recovery and make a success of himself.

“I am so grateful to Serenity Lodge where I completed my rehab and also to Access Housing Australia and Mission Australia that helped me transition to living on my own in a Department of Housing property,” he said.

“Being in public housing allowed me to get back to casual work and also be there for my daughter and this really helped a lot.

“After a number of months I realised that I was ready to work full time and with this decision I would definitely become over income and ineligible for public housing.

“I came forward to the Department and explained my situation and was referred to the Pathways branch to help me transition out of public housing.”

Mr Rogan said the process was not daunting at all, and the Pathways team made it so efficient and almost painless.

“I was really glad that the process went so smoothly. They were so helpful and explained all the options available to me, and I chose to start out in private rental,” he said.

“Once I found the right property closer to my daughter’s school, the program provided the necessary support to make the transition easier.

“I can’t say enough good things about my experience as I really didn’t have to do anything more than to sign a few forms as the whole transition process was done by the Pathways team.”

Under the Rental Pathways scheme, the Department pays 20 per cent of the tenant’s rent, (caps do apply) for the first year and then 10 per cent the subsequent year to eligible tenants.

Over the last four years Mr Rogan has been going from strength to strength and is very positive and enthusiastic about what lies ahead in 2015.

“One of the options I really want to work toward in the coming year is to eventually become a home owner,” Mr Rogan said.

“Public housing was just a stepping stone to help me go on to bigger and better things.

“With the Department’s Opening Doors Shared Home Ownership Scheme I will one day be able to afford a home of my own. Why should I pay rent when I can put this money towards my own home to build a better life for me and my family.

“I feel the future is bright as I know the path I am on now is the right one, and I take it one day at a time.”

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