Plan to keep cool during heatwave

​The Health Department of WA defines a heatwave as a stretch of three or more days with a mean temperature of 32 degrees or above. The forecast for Perth more than fits this bill.

With temperatures predicted to soar over the coming week and a zero percent chance of rain, Perth residents are being urged to take extra care to ensure they stay safe and well during this time.

  • Friday: Sunny, 20°-35°
  • Saturday: Sunny, 20°-36°
  • Sunday: Very hot and sunny, 23°-40°
  • Monday: Very hot and sunny 25°-41°
  • Tuesday: Very hot and sunny 24°-40°
  • Wednesday: Very hot and sunny 24°-39°
Housing's General Manager Service Delivery Greg Cash has asked for staff to be vigilant when visiting tenants to make sure they remain safe and well during the heatwave.

”When it is very hot people can be at increased risk of heat related illness, especially the elderly, pregnant women and people with medical conditions. We need to ensure that our most vulnerable tenants including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and our seniors are given extra attention over this time."

“Please check on your neighbours, and make contact with any family and friends who are elderly or unwell.”

“It is also important that everyone takes precautions to reduce the chance of fires starting. Activities to be avoided include the burning of any land, welding, angle grinding, soldering, gas cutting using incinerators or careless disposal of cigarette butts.”

“If everyone works together we can ensure that our staff members, families and tenants remain safe, and healthy over this time," Greg said.

To minimise the risk of heat-related illness during hot weather the following activities are recommended:


  • Undertake outdoor work only in the cooler part of the day- the morning
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids (dehydration can accumulate over consecutive days)
  • Apply sunscreen at regular intervals while outdoors
  • Close window blinds to reduce sun shining into your home or office
  • Wear a hat and long sleeves when spending time outside
  • Where possible, stay in shaded areas when outdoors
  • Know the signs of heat stress (muscle cramps, pallor, dizziness, headache, nausea, increased heart rate, fainting, excessive sweating or no sweating with high temperature and hot, dry skin) and seek medical attention if necessary
  • Please ensure that pets have adequate shade and plenty of water and if you can, leave some fresh water outside for local birdlife

For more information on ways to avoid the heat and to keep cool at home and at work, you can check out these links:


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