Public housing tenants to be held accountable for visitors’ behaviour

​Department of Housing tenants whose visitors cause wilful damage to their homes or use them for illegal purposes have been issued with a warning that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Amendments to the Department’s policy on illegal use of premises makes it clear that tenants will be held responsible for the behaviour of third parties in their homes.

The Department of Housing has three basic requirements of its tenants. They are expected to pay their rent, look after their homes and get along with their neighbours. A large majority of tenants comply with those requirements.

The Department’s amended policy removes any ambiguity about the tenant’s responsibility for the actions of third parties and the fact that they will be held to account for those actions.

The Department of Housing will apply to the court to seek immediate termination of the tenancy agreement in response to dangerous illegal activities occurring on the premises or arising out of the use of the premises.

For more information read the Department's Illegal Use of Premises Policy Fact Sheet.


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